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Helping You Move Forward

I’m Dr. Pamela Peters,  I am going to introduce myself and give you an overview of what a life coach is and how you can benefit. I am a minister, teacher, and certified life coach. I’m here to help you focus on the dream, not the drama!


A coach is someone who helps you to:

Get clear about what it is you are longing to do, be and have in your life.

Stay focused and take action. 

Develop strategies and solutions that move you past the obstacles… and towards the goals that reflect your values

Help you examine your beliefs to see if they are serving you.

Move you past the place you normally stop.

The coach always believes in you and Supports you with structure, safety, and respect

Helps you to understand yourself better & see how to do and be your best!

You feel empowered and clear about the direction your life is going

Life Coaching will add speed to your personal growth:

For example, you may be struggling with an issue for years and because of coaching it is resolved in a few conversations!


I know you have your own answers. I ask questions that help you see the answers that are already there. 

Dr. Pamela Peters

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