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What Clients Are Saying


Dr. Pamela Peters, Certified Life Coach

Dr. Pamela Peters is a certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Parenting Expert, Wellness expert, Corporate Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Personal Trainer whose distinctive comic voice and grounded wisdom have resonated with audiences and clients for more than two decades.


Coach Pam has dedicated her life to discovering the most effective ways to support others and help them develop their full potentials. She is an energetic, compelling, and compassionate coach who has helped thousands of individuals to discover and achieve their dreams.


You may know her as the Parenting Expert and Life Coach from the NBC TV Affiliate, but Pamela is a consultant with a varied practice.


Pamela combines her background as a teacher with her love for inspiring others. She has an uncanny ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Pamela is a Masterful Coach who will coach you from the inside out... helping you to move past the place where you normally stop. It's time... Dr. Coach Pamela will help you to Focus On The Dream, Not The Drama.

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