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A Life of Significance

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Welcome Family. I'm Dr. Peters, a certified life coach. In the next 60 sec, we will examine a life of significance. I'm here to help you cultivate a more meaningful, eloquent, and expressive life. A Significant life is a life that reflects your calling and purpose, or your longing to be a particular way.

One of my girlfriends, Dr. Kay, had an intention to be a generous friend. She would often organize brilliant “girls night In'' with incredible food, fellowship, and fun! I loved it!. Thrilled that she would do this for us… Sometimes we laughed so hard we howled. We laughed so hard we cried... with food shooting from our nose and sometimes a little (discrete tinkling :-).

All the while feeling... It doesn't get any better than this!! What if you could consistently craft an experience of “It doesn’t get any better than this” in all areas of your life! ZOOM it, family! Take one small action today!

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