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Hello family, I'm Dr. Pamela Peters, minister, teacher, and certified life coach. I want to remind you that you matter, your thoughts, your feelings, your attitude, your heart, your energy, your prayers, your contribution.. your actions. It all matters and its time to vote so your vote will matter too… breathe

In the next 60 seconds, we’ll look at keeping the possibility of progress alive. It's time to vote and whatever you choose to do, consider doing it with faith, hope, and love. Recently the former first lady (Michelle Obama) had this to say about voting. “We've got to vote now as we did in 2012… with the same level of passion and hope.

Vote early, in-person if we can, request mail-in ballots now, send them back now, and make sure your friends and families do the same! Be willing to stand in line all night if we have to... Many of you, when exhausted, have mustered up unimaginable courage and millions of every age and background rose up for each other... for justice and progress. This is who we still are, compassionate, resilient decent people”. Family… focus on the dream; not the drama. VOTE. I’m Dr. Peters.

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