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How to be Coachable

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

What’s going on family! I’m Dr. Peters, minister, teacher, and certified life coach. In the next 60 sec. We are going to look at how to be coachable. I coached a brother today. He says “my wife wants a divorce 'and my 6 kids shrink away from me” they won't even talk to me”. What do you most want support on “looking at myself… I want to be more loving... with all of them. “I’m probably too “law'' and order” too rigid but most of me says no that's not it”

I supported him to see the truth...What are you seeing?” Well My MM says I’m not trying hard enough(so I push harder) and it says that if I miss something I might fail & people might see me as a failure. Can you be sure that's true? Well.. NO. I'm here, I'm present and doing as much as I can! What's the truth about this?..” Wow! I needed to guide and not control”. Now he is moving toward the best possible relationship with his family. They suffered for years but he was transformed in one conversation. You can do it too...

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