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Focus on the Dream, not the Drama

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

This is Dr. Peters, minister, teacher, and life coach.  I am going to share a personal experience of focusing on the dream and not the drama! Many years ago, I went to speak at a function where the place was packed with chairs but only one woman showed up. 

Immediately, I heard my monkey mind screaming, “I guess it didn’t go so well last time, you must not be a very good teacher or coach”. The stress rolled over my head and down my neck. Then the women unknowingly agreed with my monkey mind. “I guess it didn’t go well for you last time”! I wanted to run out there… but I decided instead to think about why I became a coach in the first place.  I said to my monkey mind … “thank you for sharing lol”

I shifted my focus to supporting her and she was blessed! It turns out there was a scheduling mix up but if I had listened to my monkey mind, I would have quit… as a coach... years ago.  Never give up!  Successful people recognize that fear, doubt and worry will always be there, it is inevitable. But focus on the dream & it will energize our goals!

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