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Kindness That Heals

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

What’s going on family! I’m Dr. Peters, minister, teacher, and certified life coach. In the next 60 sec, we are going to look at Kindness that heals. This is a true story. At the Ohio State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, a prisoner found a wounded bird and decided to take care of it. While caring for the bird many things IN HIM began to heal.

The psychologist was blown away by the improvement he saw in the prisoner. So he got permission to buy two parakeets for the men. It was all good, until someone noticed one of the parakeets was missing. They frantically searched.. of the inmates had taken the bird. This guy was being transferred. Life & prison had hardened his heart but the experience with the parakeet had softened his heart. Unwilling to leave the parakeet behind he hid it in his duffel bag hoping to sneak it into the new prison. After that the prison saw they had a new way to reach their prisoners, They decided ALL the men would have the right to earn pets and they did. What act of kindness can you do today? Kind can heal you. I am Dr. Pamela.

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